As I work on Bread and Tortillas ,  my food blog,  picture taking continues to reveal to me details about food and ingredients I had not been aware of before.  A thinly sliced piece of bread held up against the sun reveals more dramatically the weblike structure of the crumb .  A close-up photo of blackberries shows me the individuality of each berry.  As many times as I’ve sliced a tomato, I don’t think I can adequately describe what it looks like inside.  Sometimes in our excitement of cooking up a recipe we overlook the beauty and detail of the individual elements that are there before us.  This is mostly about food and nature with less emphasis on recipes and more on overlooked details and what they might reveal to us.  Please feel free to comment  on my posts and add to the flow.  I want to hear whatever you’d like to share whether funny, sad, whimsical or philosophical.   This blog is meant to evoke your thoughts and emotions,  as well as mine.



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